Monday, March 30, 2009

Jaws and April Fool's

I haven't posted anything in a while, because I've been incredibly busy with moving, working and playing the drums. That's right, I said playing the drums. The guy who has been playing guitar for years is switching gears.

Don't get too excited though, I'm not that great. Yet. Right now, there are 12 year old kids who are better on the drums than I am. Probably better than I will ever be.

Okay, on to other things. It's only March for another day or so, which means that the basketball madness is coming to an end. Thanks to Michigan State and Villanova, I've ripped up my bracket, burned the shreds and scattered the ashes over the Ohio river.

This tournament hasn't quite felt the same without seeing the UK boys in royal blue. This was largely because their athletic director made a terrible hire 2 years ago. Billy Gillispie. 'Who?' you ask. Billy. Clyde. Gillispie. Anyone with 'Clyde' as a middle name can't coach basketball. End of story.

UK did the right thing and showed Billy G the door as soon as the season was over, instead of waiting around like UC did when they wanted to fire Huggy bear.

Now that Clyde is out of Lexington, the Wildcats are looking for a new man to run the show, and it looks like John Calipari is going to be the guy. They offered him 100 Billion Dollars and he said he needed to sleep on it. Yeah, that's probably a good idea. Sleep on the new pillows that UK will give you. They're filled with $100 dollar bills, and the pillow cases are made with sheets of gold.

I was actually in Kentucky last Friday to see my cousin Adam before he leaves for the Army. I gave him one piece of advice. Keep your mouth shut and your butthole closed.

Besides talking about the Army and his plans of being a paratrooper, we went fishing for a few hours with our uncle Jason. It was raining most of the day, but it stopped once we started fishing. Jason threw a line in and pulled in a bass within 5 minutes. It was going to be a good day.

I was catching a few blue gills to start, just using Jason's old Zebco pole, which, if you know anything about fishing, is a terrible rod, not much better than a mickey mouse pole. After reeling in 3 or 4 blue gill, something took my bait and ran with it. The reel was screaming, so I jerked it, and the fight began. I got it closer and closer to the bank (we were fishing in a pond) until I finally pulled it out. An 18 inch largemouth bass that rivaled the size of a great white shark. It was the biggest catch of the day, and I didn't let anyone forget it.

As some of you may know (thanks to Facebook), my birthday is on Wednesday. Thats right, April Fools Day. And this year, all I want is to hear about everyone's favorite April Fool's Day prank to play on someone. Oh, and a pair of slippers. Honestly, I don't see how there is any better holiday than April Fool's Day. You get to be a complete jerk to everyone by playing tricks on them, and you get a free pass. People might get mad, but they won't hold a grudge. How often do you hear people say 'I'm so mad at so and so for pulling the prank on me on April Fool's Day.' Never.

So, please, post your April Fool's pranks on the comment section.

I will leave you with this great collection of the greatest plays of the year by King James. Because, tomorrow night, I'm driving to Cleveland with my buddy Matt to watch the Cavs/Pistons. We will both be witnesses.

He is the best player in the NBA. Period. If you don't agree, you are either in denial, or you don't know anything about basketball.

Thanks for reading, and have a great week everyone!


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  1. I know this is late coming but thanks for stumbling onto my blog, and p.s. don't feel bad if 12 year olds can beat you on the drums, I have been having that kind of luck for years.