Monday, January 26, 2009

First Blog Post

I've just recently been reading a blog by a kid that is a walk-on for Ohio State basketball. His blog is called club trillion, and it's hilarious! After reading his and some other blogs for quite some time, I think it's time I gave this blogging thing a try. I mean, isn't everyone just dying to know what's on my mind? (cricket sounds...)

Anyways, some of the things you can expect on my blog are sports stories (collegiate, pro, and of course, my own personal triumphs), funny videos, random office quotes, and maybe a facebook status of the day. I also might be looking to the readers of this blog for advice from time to time,(assuming that anyone reads this nonsense.)

I'm probably going to post some links to my favorite blogs as well, in hopes that you will give them a shot. I hope to write at least one blog a week, maybe more, but I doubt it. Usually if I'm not at school, then I'm at work, so that will limit my oppurtunities to write on here. And let's face it, I don't have enough interesting things to say that I need to write a blog every day.

Oh, by the way, if you haven't caught on yet, I titled this blog JY's blog, because those are my initials. My good friend Mike Carlson coined the nickname "JY" some time ago, and it caught on like Ricky Martin. So there's your shout out mike. Even though I doubt he'll waste his time reading this.

I'm going to watch the rest of the ND/Marquette game, and further convince myself that Harongody doesn't deserve the Player of the Year Award over Jodie Meeks. Stay safe everyone. The White Death is coming!

Facebook status of the day:
Brandon Kisker is wow. After the UC game last night, I was almost clipped by a guy going 115 on 71, with 15 cops chasing after him!!!!

(Yes Brandon, I realize this is a couple days old. Still funny though.)

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  1. And I make a first of many appearances on your blog yesss!!! and you don't play hockey and soccer because they are the only two sports that require the most skill!